5 emerging menswear brands to watch ft. [@trendsldn] [@yohkaen] and more

It’s hard to stay on top of emerging designers to pay attention to, so we’ve got you covered here at GUAP. Despite not having the reach of fashion houses these brands produce the most interesting designs.

Designers include @Yohkaen @TRENDSLDN and more микрозаймы на карту.

1. Natalie Rushton

Photography by @Yimingyang_p

Natalie emasculates menswear and shows us a softer side to tailoring.

2. Yohkaen

Picture taken from Yohkaen instagram.

Yohkaen takes us into the future of menswear.

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3. Cold Laundry

Picture taken from Cold Laundry instagram.

Cold Laundry is the love child of Arket and COS stores.

4. I.N. Official

Picture taken from I.N. Official instagram

I.N Official fuses African tailoring with Western flare.

5. Trendsldn

Picture taken from TRENDSLDN instagram.

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