5 minutes with [@wxveyhex] HEX

Over the past couple of weeks, Hex has been blowing up the socials with his melodic and wavey sounds with his new track “Limitless”. He has had radio plays from BBC Radio 1Xtra to premiers on Complex, to interviews with Kenny Allstar on Radar Radio, the stylish artist is ticking all the right boxes.

I caught up with Hex over the weekend and asked him a few fire questions about his style, future & influences.

Who influenced you?

When I was growing up I used to listen to all different types of music, from Gorillaz to Michael Jackson, Eminem & 50 cent. That’s just to name a few, I grew up listening to everything and I got inspiration from everywhere!

Your fan base and support has grown very quickly after the track limitless, how did you adapt to everything?

[He laughs] It’s the sauce! Everything is all patterned, I haven’t changed.

If there was ONE tune you had to listen to for the rest of your life or listen to nothing at all what would it be?

I love music so much, I couldn’t say just one. It would have to be a long compilation, like a 10-hour set/mix with everything in it.

What does the lyric “I want the diamond ice no Shamballa” mean?

I want the diamond ice no Shamballa means I want icy diamonds, BIG icy diamonds. Glittery, sparkly jewellery! No Shamballa’s from the market.

Where does your fashionista style come from?

I think it’s something that has happened naturally, I love melody and lyrics but my music is so much more than that. I’d like to call it melodic, so the style just came with it! That natural sauce there.

If you had a chance to collaborate with any brand, what would it be and why?

I would love to work with Supreme or Bape because the style is so wavy

Anyone who is trying to be a musician, what advice would you give them?

The main advice I would give to any up-comers is that it takes a lot of time to perfect what you are doing, that’s in any field of work. But you need to find who you are, be a leader, don’t be one of them people who follow. Stand out in what it is you do, this could be anything from your fashion to your music (most important qualities) and also find yourself, it will work out.

Who do you see yourself working with in the next 5 years ?

That’s a hard one because there is so many artists I would like to work with. We would have to make it work, I want it to be a different kind of collaboration but personally I would like to work with Gorillaz. This is mainly because it’s different and unexpected and it can be done.

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I then asked Hex 5 random fire questions to see what his answers would be:

Italian or Chinese – Italian

Nike or Adidas – Nike

Windows or Mac – Mac

Chief Keef or Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber

Elephant or Tarantula – Elephant



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