5 tips on how to make shopping a self – love experience

For some shopping can be a long and daunting task, while for some it can be a beautiful experience of self-exploration and an act of self-love. For those of us scheduling a spring shopping trip here’s how to make this trip a self-love experience

1. Go by yourself or with one other person.

Back in the day, It was super cute and all going on a gang shopping trip but often by the end of the day I felt exhausted and most likely had to go back into the stores I was dragged out off to complete my shopping mission. Take a friend who is just as open-minded as you and willing to spend some quality time with you, shopping is a great way to make your friend feel good about themselves.

2. Practise self-love in the changing rooms

Following on from that, it’s so easy to go shopping and feel defeated, your boobs have sagged, your waist is no longer snatched and apparently, you’ve gone up two sizes. It can be easy to just wave your white flag, squeeze yourself out of those jeans that wouldn’t go above your thighs and head home. My advice on making shopping a self-love experience is to practise self-love in those difficult moments! Instead of feeling terrible about those jeans not fitting, consider that its not the right fit, or the right cut for YOU, tailor your shopping experience to you! Use that as an opportunity to try something different, a cut of jeans you wouldn’t normally wear ( tip: I have not seen one woman not suit flared trousers). On top of that, if you’re going with a friend, don’t tell them they are being ridiculous for feeling they don’t look good in that dress but highlight all the amazing things about their body and their style. 

3. Visit stores that support a good cause

This could be businesses that support, sustainability, diversity and inclusivity to small startup businesses. Its sometimes easy to go shopping and go to the obvious big chain stores but part of self-love can also be giving love, this can come through supporting brands you appreciate. Do a bit of research and find a few stores you really appreciate. Even if payday hasn’t come yet and you’re low on money, just going into those stores can give you fresh inspiration and make you feel good! Many a time when going into smaller stores particularly studio stores you can sometimes find the designer there, the staff and the designer will really appreciate you making the effort to check out some of their stuff, you could the bit of motivation they needed that day. When we empower others we empower ourselves. 

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4. Shop consciously

Something that helps me shop consciously is writing a list and being prepared. It can be tempting to go shopping and buy the same top in 3 colours and the same pair of jeans in 2 similar shades but when you know what your looking for often you tend to have more of a focus and not feel so overwhelmed. This is another way to control your spending as well as consider the environment when shopping. 

5. Shop quality over quantity

It may hurt your wallet for a moment but you will value your purchase much more if you spend a little more not to mention showing your appreciation for the people who worked to create it.  If bought from the right place the quality should also be much better meaning buying a lot less often, making shopping actually a treat not a weekly bad habit out of boredom. 

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