5 White Tops Essential For Your Spring Wardrobe


 im, not a fan of buying in excess and being the kind of person to have the exact same thing in different colours or slight variations, as I think it promotes excessive buying and lack of creativity when it comes to creating interesting looks. Despite this I am a big fan of the white t-shirt and all other variations of white shirts, t-shirts or tops. There  is just so much you can do with a white top and having different variations of the white top is a game-changer for creating put together effortless spring looks as well as throughout the year. 

1. The High Neck Top

Number one on the list in the white high neck top. This is a favourite we all know and love, and the classiest one of them all. A high neck top is perfect for looking put together effortlessly, it can be worn in a professional capacity as well as for casual looks. From day time to evening wear its an all-rounder. To get more use out of it and jazz it up, layer up some jewellery or layer a loose shirt over.

2. The Ribbed Crop Top

Second on my list is the hip hop style ribbed crop top, this is a summer essential as well as a spring transitioning piece as it can so easily be layered. The style of the top has a masculine feel to it whilst the crop top cut and tightness gives it back that young and sexy vibe. It’s the androgyny I love about this item, the combination of a traditionally male undershirt vest and crop fit turns it into a very sexy but cool item. Worn best in a more casual and sporty style this top adds that effortlessly cool aspect that is key to any athleisure look.

3. The Basic White Tee

Next up is the basic white tee, I didn’t want to put this first because its an obvious go to . None the less the basic white tee is a go-to because its a simple and casual essential. Its so basic that I sometimes forget its in my wardrobe and forget how versatile it can be . The fit of a white tee makes all the difference, fitting into the more streetwear category we have the baggy long line white tee. On a lazy day, this is a go-to, throw on some leggings or biker shorts a cool pair of kicks and your good to go. If your going for a slightly less casual look but don’t want to go full glam adding a white t-shirt under a v neck or evening dress transforms a night look into the perfect outfit to transition from a casual day out to evening drinks. 

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4. The Linen White Top

Perfect for that bohemian relaxed summer look, a linen white top is also a practical choice for the hot summer sun as it’s slightly sheer and light material keeps you cool. Adding a few accessories such as a headwrap, a bandana or a few minimalistic gold pieces of jewellery finishes of the look.If your looking to get that luxury but effortless look whilst on a fair budget wearing good quality linen can instantly give you that high-end holiday look. 

5. The Off The Shoulder Top

Lastly, another one that’s great for both the workplace and after-work drinks, is the off the shoulder top, showing off a bit of collarbone opens up your neck and create an elegant and refined look and can also be a great way to add a sexy element to a relaxed look.

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