[@5iveBeatz] X [@FabianSecon] – “Until We Meet Again” Review

Fabian Secon has officially proved why is one of the best !

Produced all by 5ivebeatz, Fabian’s EP “Until We Meet Again” is out on all digital platforms. The singer songwriter has 4 quality bangers on this EP including “Rockstar” which was my ‘Track of the week’ earlier on in the month.

Track 1 – ‘Wilderness

The way he switches up the melodies in this track is something else ! This is definitely a track in which you can listen to with both headphones in on full blast and get lost in the track. He likes to describe this track as “banished love lost between the couple” and that “It paints the picture of destruction that has been created and emphasises the fact that there is no going back”. Now when you listen back to the RnB banger you are going to understand why he described it in such a beautiful way.

Track 2 – ‘Rockstar

“Even with wealth and a glamorous lifestyle, she doesn’t care anymore. Loneliness is the strong feeling throughout ‘Rockstar’, with the chilling piano melody complementing this.”. Now this is my favourite track off of the EP, just because the beat and the vocals just go hand in hand with one another and it gives me shivers. It should give you them too ! This is the first track which has visuals from the EP which was released on June the 5th. You can check it out now on his VEVO.


Track 3 – ‘Wasted Days

The talented artists describes “Wasted Days” as realisation that you’ve been misusing your time in life on pointless flings and being immature. The girl you previously mistreated means even more to you now. The song has a progressive feel with hypnotic sounds blending with a variety of melodies.

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Track 4 – ‘Crashing Waves

Fabian has thought about the order of the tracks on the EP very carefully as this track is almost like the “ending of the relationship however a beautiful celebration””, the whole EP tells a story and this is the end of it. This is my second best track off the EP, his flow on the hook bangs. He says “You know it’s coming to an end but you yearn for one last encounter. The pretty chords to go with the powerful lyrics create a big-sounding song.”

Make sure you listen to the EP now ! Fabian is a rising star in the making and will continue to grow into an amazing artist.


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