6 Tips For Maintaining Blemish-Free Skin


1. All Skin is not made the same – do your own research!

Many times we watch a beauty guru/influencer with naturally amazing skin use a product and proceed to buy it without looking into the product beforehand.


I’ve certainly done this, forgetting that not all skin is made equal and what might work for one person’s skin will wreak havoc on another.

It is also important to make sure that the products will fit in with the rest of your skincare routine – so the next time you are persuaded to impulse buy some skincare keep calm and do some quick research instead.

2. Do Patch Test New Beauty Products

Say I if you’ve read the 24 hour patch test warning on skincare packaging hundreds of times and completely ignored it…


If you are not genetically blessed with good skin, the patch test should most definitely be your best friend. Even if you do naturally have blemish-free skin, patch testing new products is a good habit to develop as skin can change as we age.

Yes it’s tedious and the excitement to try new skincare products immediately is overwhelming. However, taking at least 48 hours to patch test new products (especially if it contains active ingredients) somewhere sensitive and discreet, like behind your ear, will help you avoid unnecessary breakouts.


3. Don’t Overdo it

Your skincare routine probably doesn’t need 15 steps in one go because honestly who has got the time? Skincare shouldn’t be a chore and 15 steps in a skincare routine sounds like a synonym for burden.

Less is more! If you are using quality products, carefully selected for your skin type, your routine should be a breeze that you’re able to keep up with on a day to day basis.

Which leads me to my next point…

4. Be Consistent

Being consistent is the little known secret to maintaining blemish free skin, nothing good comes overnight and skincare is one of those things.

To see results you must do your routine, whatever it may be, regularly.

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Even if you’re tired or hungover, do your routine because missing even one day can massively set you back.


5. Drink Water With a Twist

A significant part of achieving that hydrated, glowing from within look has to do with what we put inside our bodies. Drinking lots of water is essential for health in general, but will do wonders for skin.

“But water is boring!” I hear you say, however it doesn’t have to be.

Drinking alkaline water with a pH above 8 (Saka water comes in at pH 8.22) as well as infusing it with fruits and/or herbs such as lemon, cucumber and mint will be a highly pleasant experience for you and your skin.

6. Regularly clean anything that will come in contact with your face

That pillowcase you’ve been sleeping on for two weeks? Wash it. Your phone which you’ve dropped countless times? Sanitise it.

Anything that comes in contact with your face and a whole bunch of other things, clean it regularly and clean it well.

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