Darkz (@darkzartist) returns with Pineapple Express.

Set to end 2015 on a high Planet Darkz is back with his latest offering Pineapple Express.

Produced by V K the track is first in the Dobbie Day series and sees the xx-year-old rapper tell a tale of about his assault on the game over Erykah Badu’s classic track Didn’t Cha Know.

Speaking about the single, Darkz, who hails from North London, commented: ‘Pineapple Express allowed me to create a sound that has the feel of the Golden Era but speaks to this generation. 

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‘When I heard the beat it sparked up a bunch of things and it enabled me to produce a wave which was fun but full of themes to make the listener socially aware. 

Wrapping up the year in style, Darkz has opted to mark the countdown to 2016 with Dobbie Day, a campaign with which he will release a song a week until the new year.

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