8 AMAZING RELEASES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED IN NOVEMBER: [@Amasthetic],[@NickiKnightz], [@_VXMOB] and more

October was an exciting month for new releases, we had three albums pour out from the UK R&B scene, with new music from NAO, RAY BLK and Ella Mai. November was seemingly dry in comparison, with few big releases coming out. But there were plenty promising releases from UK’s upcoming artists.

In no particular order, here are eight great tracks and EPs that were released in the month of November.

  1. TJK- Thru the Waff

Thru the Waff, is a refreshingly minimalist track, the instrumental is composed of just a simple scaling synth melody and a snippy trap-influenced drum kit. TJK, real name Tejiri Kohwo, is an upcoming Nigerian artist, and Thru the Waff is his second release in anticipation for his EP. On this track, TJK vocals are bittersweet and tinged with hint of melancholy. He reminisces his childhood, reflects on his success and envisions himself rolling through Warri. The track is available to stream and for download on Soundcloud.



Monochrome is the debut single of West London songstress, AMA. The track is a stripped back, confessional, smooth, neo-soul and R&B fusion directed at a passive, unknowing lover. The tone of the track is impassioned, and AMA’s vocals are filled with a longing that is distinct to a youthful love affair. The video for the single is a warm, soft-focus visual that captures the sense of camaraderie and community that characterises living on an estate.


  1. Reece West’s Departure Lounge EP

Prior to the release of his EP, Reece West landed himself a place on Spotify’s ‘Rap UK’ playlist. The Departure Lounge EP proves West a strong MC in his own right. Over the span of eight tracks, the artist toys with different genres, effortlessly switches up his flow on a range of beats, all while spitting bars with substance, that take on a handful of different topics. On this EP, Reece West displays his versatility and builds up an exciting name for himself.


The EP is available to stream on Spotify here:



  1. Idris Miles – Samurai

This timely single arrives just before the drop of Idris Miles’ highly anticipated album ‘Tales of A Mellifluously Dissonant Mind’ which is set for release in December. On Samurai, Miles’ is earnest, straight to the point and delivers a metaphorical monologue. He flows on a trap instrumental, composed from a choppy Koto sample, which neatly packages the track’s Japanese influenced concept. Based in Essex UK, Idris Miles is one to watch.


  1. Nicki Knightz – Mindwalk


Although her EP ‘Hate’ dropped in September, Nicki Knightz followed up by releasing a visual for the track ‘Mindwalk’ this November. The video is vivid, colourful, and well suited to the track’s dreamy lo-fi hip hop instrumentals. Produced by fellow Knighthood Society member, Henny Knightz, Nicki’s vocals on the track are mellow and honeyed with a laidback attitude.


  1. VX Mob – Face


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Another impressive visual that came out this month, is the video for VX Mob’s track ‘Face’. The group enlisted Cotton Candy Films to provide a flashy, cinematic visual to match the song’s fast pace. ‘Face’ is snappy and concise, the track runs for just over a minute, but is packed with high energy, a booming bass, and bouncy flows. The talented producer Oneself, is the master behind the beat.


  1. SILKY – 411/412 (ft. Master Peace & YS Tekdinner)


This two-part single is tied together with a fuzzy, retro visual concocted by Isaac Brandt of IHB films. The song channels the wit of UK rap and the artists deliver slick and playful bars like “un, deux, trois… Bitch, I speak French”. On Both 411 and 411, Silky’s flow is nonchalant and smooth, but appears it energetic at the same time, as his chemistry with Master Peace and Tekdinner fires up the mid-tempo instrumental, the twos fiery ad-libs also animate the whole track.


  1. Alice D – More 2 U


Last but not least is Alice D’s single, More 2 U. Co-written by Alice D herself, the track oozes the sensuality of R&B. The catchy chorus in this track makes it a strong contender on the growing R&B influenced pop scene, but D’s sultry alto steers the track away from convention. On discussing the theme of the track, Alice D describes the track as “A personal experience. It discusses coping with anxiety whilst being in a relationship. Wanting to give more but not being able to. Despite the frustration, there is a sense of determination. A recognition that you can overcome this”. Alice D’s NARCCISUS EP is due for release December 7th, 2018.


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