808INK have another hit on their hands with ‘Pasta’

808INK link up with Manchester’s Sleazy F Baby for ‘Pasta’.

808INK are playing no games in 2020 having already announced a show at Village Underground, they have followed this up with ‘Pasta’. For those that don’t know about 808INK, where have you been? They are a duo from South London that refuse to be put in any box or get comfortable with any one sound. Made up of 808Charmer and Mumblez Black Ink, the pair are a rap duo with great creative direction both offering vocals and Charmer making the beats. They have been compared to the likes of OutKast and Odd Future and that’s testament to their ability to push boundaries and ‘Pasta’ is no exception to this.

‘Pasta’ is a bubbly, uptempo track that could get anyone moving. From the strong horn instrumentation to the catchy sounding hook, it is a banger. Charmer and Mumblez perform the hook back to back, and Sleazy F Baby blends with the pair so naturally its as if they were destined to be a rap trio. The lyrics are kept fun and relatively lighthearted, which compliments the track well. The contrast of Charmer singing on the track to what would otherwise have been straight bars all the way through is also a nice touch.

The visuals, directed by Deano and shot by RED and Kevin Cheung, are very clean. Considering they didn’t shell out on a bunch of locations or going abroad, they did a great job of making their two low key settings work for them. Also here is a good point to note that this was a great advert for TR Spice the restaurant they filmed in which has various locations around London. What helps capture the positive vibe of both the shoot and track is the attention to detail in the edit. From the subtle use of effects and blend of shots, the video is a great show of how you don’t always need the craziest budget to make an incredible video.

To round up ‘Pasta’ is a breath of fresh air, which is pretty typical for an 808INK release. It was also great to be put on to a talented artist from outside of London in the form of Sleazy F Baby. A well-crafted track paired with a great video, what more could people ask for here?

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You can’t currently stream the track but if you want to see it live make sure you get tickets to their show here.

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