A-COLD-WALL* makes an organic move into tech in collaboration with Beats By Dre

A-COLD-WALL* makes an organic move into tech in collaboration with Beats By Dre

Audio giant Beats By Dre have tapped Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL* for the latest iteration of the wireless Studio 3 headphones.

Beats are widely regarded as the most stylish overhead headphones on the market and A-COLD-WALL*’s stamp on the limited edition headphones further cements this. Featuring a speckled colour palette of slate and chalk that also covers the ear cushions, a light contrasting clay colour on the inner, and finished off with an ‘onyx stroke embellishment’ and ACW* bracket logo, the design compliments the architectural shape of the Beats headphones well. It is also the first time that Beats have had a print technique cover the entire product. The result is a product that people will notice but also won’t overpower what you’re wearing.

On YouTube ‘Behind the Design‘ delves into Ross’ thought process when he was designing the headphones, where he reveals that surface, texture, colour, context and environment were elements he wanted to represent through the headphones. Ross also says of Beats “they’ve developed such a deep relationship globally with youth culture, with subculture, with counterculture”. As someone who has also done just that with his brand A-COLD-WALL*, this collaboration with Beats is very fitting making it his first foray into tech design.

As Ross continues to take a horizontal approach to design, what remains consistent is his meticulous eye for detail and considered way of approaching everything he does which I hope we’ll see more of across a range of products. Who knows maybe Apple, who has owned Beats by Dre since 2014, will enlist Ross to design an iPhone or Mac.

A-COLD-WALL* X Beats By Dre is available now at ACW*, Apple and selected retailers like SSENSE and Notre.

a-cold-wall x beats by dre
a-cold-wall* x beats by dre

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