A-COLD-WALL* [@acoldwall] trusts the customer with the brand.

A-COLD-WALL* branded hardware

A-C-W* was birthed in the subcultural significance of branding, so the ability to merge the cult-like desire for logos with art and digestible conceptual narratives is integrated naturally. Their collections have sparked progressive cultural conversations around the possibilities of modern menswear.

The brand continues in this direction with their current project Service Point 1 (SP1).

In keeping with its ethos of social commentary through clothes the service point 1 project explores resetting the luxury brand to customer relationship which Samuel Ross believes is disproportionately focused on purchase. 

The launch of the SP1 project invited a selection of their customers to view and interact with a new collection from which each attendee was then gifted an A-C-W* item. Available to buy separately is a pack containing A-C-W* hardware like zip pullers and buckles, that can be installed by the customer on their gifted item. This puts the power in the users hand to place the branding on the clothing as it suits them.

Although not an entirely new concept, it is a fascinating way of reframing how the customer relates to the brand. It highlights the continual shift to a more symbiotic relationship between labels and customers that focuses on conversation, engagement and human connection as commodities rather than the product itself.

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Service point one is a way of enabling a broader customer base to access and experience Samuel Ross’ creations in new, innovative and affordable ways. It is also forward facing. As we move towards a future of sustainable fashion and consumption Gen-Zers are becoming ever more interested in DIY clothing. No doubt, lockdown inspired boredom would have led many of us to experimenting with cutting, sewing and customising pieces. The SP1 hardware could become the perfect accessory to DIY culture and moves towards a conscious approach to wearing branded clothing.

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