[@A2Artist] asks what ‘I Need’ in new video

Hot off the heels of releasing BLUE. A2 gifts us with the brand new track I Need.

As soon as I heard and saw the visuals to I Need, something Poet said instantly came to mind:

“I genuinely enjoy it for so many different reasons. I get such a variety when I listen to it, I get bars, I get a lot of mood, I like a lot of mood, I Iike a lot feeling, [I] like emotion, I like music to jump out.”

Now that was in reference to BLUE, which you can check out here on all platforms, but perfectly captures the vibe of I Need. It is first and foremost a mood, often an indescribable one.

I Need feels like it picks up straight after BLUE likely due to A2 choosing to stick with producer clonez for the track. Not to harp on about the mood but it’s one of the easiest ways to describe what I Need is. It switches between a generally laid back approach and an aggressive bars packed section all intertwined with A2’s unique melodic tones blended into that mix.

The production is excellent and refreshing against a landscape in which what is popular is tending to sound very similar. Like the flows and content, the production dabbles in a few different aspects. It is at its core trippy and ethereal blended with strong percussive elements to give it a good bassy feel. Likewise, the video mirrors this, A2 being the reclusive artist chooses to sit this one out for the video. Instead, we are gifted with a collection of clips from an anime which only adds to the surreal vibe. I think the shots chosen were purposeful, some of which could have translated into some interesting visuals if recreated.

Overall, for a first showing in 2018, it suggests A2 is only going to continue what he’s started with BLUE. It should only be getting better from here. Maybe this is even a hint that he may release music a bit more frequently than he has in the past. This can only be a good thing as A2 is not one to sacrifice quality just for quantity.

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