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Welcome back to the Brands on the block. This week I had a sit-down  with the founder and designer of Noemie Wilson. With her puffer jackets being featured in music videos, her camo 2 piece being a staple outfit for spring/summer; Noemie is definitely ready to shut down the shows and change the conventional idea of fashion!


1. What is the inspiration behind your brand?

Noemie: I wanted to remix my idea of fashion. I want to cooperate art and fashion together.

The inspiration behind the name was, I wanted a french sounding name that incorporated me but not my actual real name. Noemie gave me a refreshing aspect to my brand, making it different and unique.

When I first released my first collection and everybody was feeling the pink puffer jacket, I was like hmmm, I can make more of this stuff because this is what enjoy making. So I created more velvet jackets, incorporated more colour and expanded my collection.

2. How would you describe your brand?

Noemie: The idea of being carefree and wanting to wear something that makes you feel extravagant! Everyone is into the mainstream fashion, my brand gives an alternative avenue to making a statement with your style.

3. What advice would you give people that want to start their own brand?

  • Don’t watch what other people are doing – with the increase of social media you can easily find yourself copying others or comparing yourself to other people.
  • Find alternatives, travel, look at different cultures – don’t be afraid to explore!
  • Develop your own style!
  • Talk to experienced people, young people, people from different cultures to expand your knowledge and ideas. when you learn more and you will do more!
  • Work on your craft, produce the best version of you!

4. What should we expect from you next?

Noemie: Our spring/summer collection will be coming out, with this we will probably have a few shows and parties coming up. I don’t want to speak to much, but right now we want to build brand awareness and include our customers in every aspect of the brand.

5. How do we find you?

Website: http://www.noemiewilson.com

Twitter: @Noemiewilson

Instagram: @Noemiewilson

We were fortunate to receive a special discount code for our readers, which gives you 20% off the whole website!

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Peace and Love

Abiola x

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