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Well, welcome back!

We decided to have a sit-down conversation with the amazing, green tea fanatic and the brains behind the streetwear Jehu-Cal, Emay Enemokwu. Emay started Jehu-Cal at the age of 17. Now 20, Jehu-cal has definitely gained massive ground. His backstory behind the whole creation of the brand is definitely motivational but comical one at the same time!

We won’t get into it right now. Let’s jump straight into the juicy stuff, so let’s begin!

1. Who is Emay Enemokwu and what do you do?

Truthfully, all I do is sell clothes to pay for my iPhone bill that I can’t get out of, I model as well sometimes, I tweet a lot of bulls*** to try and trigger the whole world on Twitter, I walk around and travel a lot and I definitely drink a lot of green tea!

2.  How would you describe your brand?

‘Simple, colourful fun clothing’

I get up in the morning and I think what do I really want that I don’t own already and I go ahead and make my own.

3. Where does the name arise from?

I get near tear from when I say this story lool… So basically my actual first name is Jehu-Cal which is in the Bible. This is the name I got bullied from but the whole story is on my website.

4. What is the process behind it?

The process is never the same thing, I can be walking down the street and see a really cool jumper and be like I want to make that or I can be like damn I need some green in my wardrobe and then from there, I will go and create a green polo or a green t-shirt. It always varies! I can get inspired by anything.

5. What and who are your daily inspiration?

Tyler the Creator, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Kanye of course and my dad in terms of getting me into old school music. Everyday life inspires me when you travel a lot you see and take in new things daily.

6. So right now I know the brand is unisex/ gender neutral, are you planning to produce something just for one sex?

Yes, I want to produce a female collection, but I don’t believe I can do that by myself so employing someone to do it will probably be the plan, so that should hopefully be coming out next year!

7. Do you have a team behind you?

Nope! It’s a one-man show, everything from designing to social media and even replying back to emails is all done by me. I have mad trust issues, I hate when things are done wrong, so I rather do it by myself as I trust myself and as this is my company; I want everything to be done perfectly! However, I am definitely not a bossy person, so very soon I am going to reduce my workload by expanding my team and bringing more people in.

8. What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own brand?

Definitely, don’t try and be like me lool! You have to be prepared to sacrifice unnecessary expenses such as going out or buying a new pair of trainers. You have to invest every penny you have, I mean every single penny!

9. Is there anything you will change about this journey your on?

Definitely, the number of friends I have and the energy I am surrounding myself with. I would rather spend days by myself than with people because I can be focused on my s***. However, everything is a learning curve and I would rather go through things now, than later on down the line when I am big.

10. Top 5 tips

  1. REINVEST!! That’s the number one rule when it comes to this game. Its good to make a profit but you have to be able to flip it over.
  2. Don’t try and be like other people.
  3. If you get a website do not have .Bigcartel.com at the end of your website. I won’t buy from a company that has that apart of their website, because it shows you are cutting cost which shows you can be cutting cost with the quality of your clothing.
  4. Your first release cannot be only a logo tee, it has to be an actual design or something with meaning.
  5. Internships! They are so useful and they teach you things that you cannot learn by yourself. I learnt the importance of the amount of time and energy that should go into design and researching and the art of paying attention to every detail.

11. What should we expect next?

I’ve got a lot to bring out… I can’t even say too much but the way it works I have about 100 designs on my laptop ready to go and I just have to decide which one I want to release next! Its a very weird process, but I make sure the next pieces I bring out are better than the one before. However, I believe, I am going for a smart clean look for the next collection very different to what I’ve done before and should be much nicer. Right now I am trying to build up the brand, so those sort of things fit well when released.

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12. How can we find you?

Twitter & Instagram: @Jehu_Cal / @Emay4k

Website: www.jehu-cal.com

Talking to Emay was so refreshing and definitely very fun.

After this interview, Emay has taken his company to different grounds by now having stock in an official store One by One store, located in Soho, London. So go and check it out!!

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Until next time,

Abiola x


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