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CEO Paris a clothing brand taking the ACE of SPADES card to infinite heights. With a new collection being inspired by the child prodigy and hitmaker; Kida Kudz the face of the campaign. This collection has a twist as the designer Fehinti Adesiyan decided to use the image of Jesus rather than the typical image of kings and queens, purifying the game. With the slime green hairstyle, Kida Kudz couldn’t have been a better choice, representing the whole theme from bottom to top. CEO are not done yet as they have let us into a little secret, which is there are more collaborations in the works and bigger names to come.

Introduce yourself, company and the role you play within the brand.

‘’My name is Fehinti Adesiyan and I am the CEO of CEO Paris. ‘’

Describe your brand in one sentence

‘’A luxury fashion brand more artistic than your average!’’

What’s the main inspiration behind your brand?

‘’The inspiration behind the brand name is that I always wanted to be a CEO and Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, fashion capital and a lot of our design inspiration comes from the capital.’’

Talk us through your design process

‘’It all depends on the type of collection we are designing, for example, if our inspiration is from a musician, we brainstorm ideas and inspiration around the life and style of the musician and then go from there. If it is an independent collection, then it is totally our call, in terms of colours, themes and the whole concept. ‘’

Your latest collection – tell us all about it

‘’This collection is inspired by Kida Kudz and the play on the Ace of spades cards. The themes definitely complemented each other, and the design process was really organic, the play on the Ace of spades by using the picture of Jesus instead of the traditional face. Its all about symbolism – fashion is all about symbolism and this collection allows one to express themselves by exploring the themes of religion and significant pieces”

5 tips for budding entrepreneurs that want to start a clothing line

  • Research your market, have a reason for you creating your own brand
  • You have to absolutely love it because the industry is tough
  • Be resilient, keep on fighting and give a good fight
  • Be determined, keep focused on your own goals
  • Don’t give up!! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

What can we expect from you next?

‘’Through the year we are focusing on collaborations with musicians especially rappers, we will be releasing more collections inspired by rappers. ‘’

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