[@Abiolaxox] Brands On The Block Episode 5 [@Fadxstyles]

I am back again with another brand on the block instalment, but this time it is with a clothing with a twist, an artistic twist. FadXstyles is a fashion house built on mixing art and fashion together the main aim of the brand is to allow people to wear art on an everyday basis.

We had a conversation with Seyi, a proud Nigerian and the owner and the brains behind the brand Fadxstyles. He first found his passion for fashion being a personal stylist and believed with all the knowledge he had on streetwear he should give this fashion brand thing a try.

Describe Fadxstyles in one sentence

”Fadx is a brand which aims to fuse streetwear and art together, that’s it”

Where does the name arise from?

”With many trials and errors, the name Fadxstyles came from the combination of fashion and style which is the main concept of the whole brand.”

Describe the process behind designing

”It varies. In the beginning, it was all me, then my friend came on board. He was a much better artist than me, so he could easily translate my ideas onto paper and it all started from there. We like to have different options of designs because it gives our customers options and the chance to actually find something they like.”

Who are your main inspirations?

”Virgil, the owner of OFF-WHITE and the creative director of LV. The way Virgil releases his garments is very different from a typical brand. He doesn’t release for seasons but releases all year round. You can just be scrolling on the off-white website and discover he has released 100 new t-shirts without no promo or warning.

Ralph Lauren too, the same reasons as Off-white but the only difference is Virgil is more relatable.”

What will be your dream collaboration?

”collaborations I would like to definitely do are Vivendii, Nothing for us and Waffle n Cream. I absolutely love what they are doing with the culture, with making the Africa scene mainstream and very popular now. Being a Nigerian has meant my culture has had a huge impact on how everything is operated from the creative direction to how the shoots are run, to even the designs. However one thing I don’t want is to be boxed in as just a Nigerian brand.”

What 5 tips will you give someone who wants to establish their brand

  1. Start now!! As an OG I wish I started Fadx earlier
  2. Be proud of what you produce.
  3. Don’t let the lack of money stop you from doing what you want to do
  4. don’t be shy from asking questions, be curious
  5. Keep a close circle, because a little negative energy can throw you off

What should we expect next?

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”We are planning a pop-up in Lagos and planning to get our goods in stocklist stores. The main thing we are trying to do is convert the brand from a streetwear brand to a luxury one.

In the future will aspire to be like Palm Angel!”

How can we find you?

Twitter: @Fadxstyles

Instagram: @Fadxstyles

Seyi’s Instagram: @saucybasqi 

Online store: www.fadxstyles.com

Brands on the Block Discount Code: GUAP15


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