Africa’s sounds of tomorrow – Producer, Yaw Appiah [@_yawappiah] drops debut EP ‘Ubomi’

Inspired by his upbringing in Tema, Ghanaian Producer, Yaw Appiah drops debut EP ‘Ubomi’. The EP has blends of Amapiano, Afro-House and Mzanzi Soul throughout the project, including his latest single ‘Moonlight’ which has had an international presence. The EP features South-African artist Msheke, Grammy nominated producer Stylolive and Ghanaian show-stopper Izzy Zick to name a few. We had the opportunity to speak with Yaw Appiah on his inspirations and what we can expect to hear from his new EP:

What inspired you to start making music? 

“Being raised in a Christian household, my mom made it a point to take me and my siblings to church every Sunday. Exposed to the church band and being pushed to play any instrument of my liking, sparked in me my first desire to create my own songs. Since my youthful days, I have had a long break in terms of producing. You know, life just happens, ha. So, what really re-inspired me to making music was the force of the pandemic making me sit still and evaluate all things that matter and aspects that fuel my creative growth.”

How would you describe the type of music you make, and what sets you apart? 

“The genres I create are Amapiano and Afrohouse. There is uniqueness in everyone, what sets me apart are my influences and inspirations drawn from my surroundings. My life experiences a lot of times reflect in my music as a sense of escapism. I also believe that the adoption of sound is experienced differently by everyone in this world, which triggers for me as the creator to curate an unique experience pleasurable to the listener.”

What can we expect from your new EP?

“An invitation and insight to my life’s journey – the catch you have to understand Zulu. I intentionally kept the languages on some of the songs on the EP original to the origin of the genre, Amapiano. Amapiano originated in South Africa. ‘Ubomi’ is an EP worth experiencing, I hope you enjoy it!”

This being your first EP, what song had the most enjoyable creative process and why? 

“Hmmm that’s a tough one, I say all the songs have been enjoyable to create each in their own way, but if it’s for me to only choose one song of ‘Ubomi’ it’s ‘Siyefana’. The process of merging the two vocals of talented vocalists Msheke Lezinto & Queensley Felix was an amazing experience. I further love the story behind this song, ‘Siyefana’ translates to ‘Alike’ from the Zulu language. The song mirrors a dialogue between a male and a female discussing the aspect of unconditional love and the awareness that even though they are not the same color, they are still alike. The male character shows an amazing sense of vulnerability asking the woman why her love does not reciprocate what he gives out, being that he is black.

My last words, never forget to approach everything in life with full gratitude and love. 

We are here to help each other. My mission will be to always put substance to my music, and help anyone to find joy in life’s simple things.”

Listen to Yaw’s new EP ‘Ubomi’ here.

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