Listen : Alista Marq [@alistamarq] drops new single ‘Vice’ and we can’t turn it off!

In this beautiful game we call life, at some time or another we will come across things we just cannot help but succumb too, whether that be your twenty third Oreo cookie in a row or the latest bad boy leading us round by the nose, we will find ourselves impervious to fighting temptation.

So for today’s lecture I’d like to present someone to you who is well studied and experienced in the trials and tribulations that bad addictions and adverse situations can cause, and the irony is, I think he just became mine.

Without further ado let me re-introduce you to my man of the moment Alista Marq and his brand new single ‘Vice’, the second track from his upcoming project ‘Northern Line’, and a more than worthy follow up to his debut single ‘Forest’, so clear your playlists because you’re about to have a new favourite song and a repeat button possessed.

Vice’, produced by Stevie Dutch and premiered by The 405, embodies all I could possibly crave in a musical offering, whether it be lyrical content, varied sounds or a message we as the audience can resonate with, Alista offers the full package leaving us satisfied but equally hungry for more of what he’s serving.

The sound of the track fluctuates throughout as Alista showcases his extraordinary vocal range amidst a plethora of both rapping and singing, over a unique blend of sweet strings and heavy 808’s pleasing our sound buds further.

The song detail’s a scenario most of us would have encountered before, falling for someone that seems too good to be true and choosing to ignore our gut instinct and the consequences it may bring, raise your hand if you’re guilty (I know I am).

Alista, in his own words, defined the song as ‘…that moment you realise the girl you thought you once wanted isn’t good for you’, a feeling we can all relate too.

Having already commanded a strong online presence, supported Mod Sun on tour (Wiz Khalifa’s label mate) and garnered success with the originality of his debut track ‘Forest’, it’s clear to see Alista Marq is on a winning streak which looks set to continue throughout 2016, so don’t take your eyes off this guy, ‘Northern Line’ approaching fast.


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