All hail Black Female Lyricists from the noughties to the now

In the conversation of Black British music we can never forget the ladies that played just as big a part as the men.

If you were a young Black Brit growing up in the era of UK Garage, and were about for the rise of the UK founded genre Grime, you were probably listening to the likes of: Monsta Boy, Ms Dynamite, More Fire Crew or Boy Better Know. You’ll also already know how much that contributed to the evolution of music for Black artists and their relationship with what we call fame today that’s brought us some of our favourite artists from the Dave‘s to the Ms Banks‘.

Celebrating Black History Month, this year (considering all of the truly unfortunate events) it’s about remembering just how incredible, trend-setting and exciting Black culture is.

Music is a language, a culture, a movement in itself where we hear people put together words and speak them in one of the most special ways. Black British females have arguably often been under-rated, hidden from the mainstream side of that and have not always been greatly visible. This is an honorary shout out to all those that paved the way and continue to push the narrative forward. 

We’ve collaborated with two illustrators, Denzil Kessie and Ami Vadi to translate some of our favourite Black British female lyrics into visuals, with songs throwing it back to 2000 all the way through to 2020. 

Ms. Dynamite – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee


Estelle – 1980


Little Simz – ‘Offence’


Br3nya – Plenty (Too Trendy)


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 A reminder of….

Their Savviness.
Their boldness.
Their skill.
Their flow.
Their humility.
Their Charm.
Their Power.
Their Influence.
Their Creativity.

Something for you to read, smile and bop to all at the same time and remember they aren’t going anywhere.

Words by: Shanice Mears
Illustrations by: Denzil Kessie and Ami Vadi

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