AM:PM launches iconic SS21 “dear girlfriend” Shoe Collection

am:pm is a contemporary footwear brand specialising in minimal & timeless designs for Women who desire comfort without compromising on style. Each design is created to instantly elevate any outfit & give Women the poise to float into any room with an undeniable presence. am:pm also aims to challenge the universal perception of “Nude” shoes by carefully selecting shades that compliment a variety of skin tones.

The brand launches its “dear girlfriend” SS21 Capsule Collection. This is their first official, 15-piece shoe collection including a mixture of heels as well as flats, full of playful designs and pastel colours to complement the first Summer out of lockdown. Some designs cater to wide feet, as they present Women with wider feet the option to find stylish shoes they feel comfortable in.

Founder of the contemporary footwear brand Edna launched AM:PM with the Core Nudes in 2020 with the initiative of creating contemporary, minimal and timeless footwear. Her aim was to lead on diversity and inclusion in footwear by using Nudes at the core of all her designs.  Edna looks to expand on the options available in Women’s footwear by working closely with manufacturers to provide quality and comfort without compromising on style.

She creates designs with her customers in mind and wants to challenge the universal perception of ‘Nude’ by including a range of select shades that compliment a variety of Skin Tones. She also aims to challenge the idea of higher heels being the only option for Women to feel confident and sexy by creating stunning designs that instantly elevate any outfit.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Edna and find out more about her passions behind the brand:  

What inspired you to create AM:PM? 

“When I started AM:PM, I wanted to create a brand that put the consumers first by considering the real problems Women like me face on a daily basis – trying to combine style with comfort. I also wanted to introduce Nude tones in a way I have never experienced before and make AM:PM as inclusive as possible. I felt like there was a desperate need for contemporary heels that were still comfortable and easy to style.”

The shoe collection looks both comfortable and fashionable, how did you balance this when working on the design? As there are a few heels I’ve bought, but find difficult to walk in for long periods of time? 

“All my shoe designs have at least one unique feature that make them more wearable over long periods of time. The main feature which I love so much is the padded insole cushion. I love to explore the new technology that evolves from memory foam cushion as well as all the other little overlooked features in shoes. In shoe design, the smallest alteration can take your shoes from being wearable for 2 hours to 6 hours (pain-free).”

What’s next for AM:PM? 

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“I guess only God knows! I couldn’t have predicted all the wins I have had so far this year so I am feeling blessed in this current moment. For now, the focus is on the upcoming AW21 capsule collection. I am keen to continue releasing new & innovative yet minimalistic shoe designs, whilst introducing new colour palettes I think people will love. The more people that discover AM:PM, the more they fall in love. This admiration for the designs I create keeps me going and I love that people love my designs as much as I do!”

Edna was featured in Forbes Women just 3 months after she launched AM:PM and the brand has since been listed in Byrdie’s ‘Top 20 most comfortable heels right now’ as well as Marie’s Claire’s ‘19 Black-Owned Shoe brands you’ll fall in love with’.

Edna is working to make waves in the footwear industry and to establish herself as the designer that makes comfortable, sexy shoes. 

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