Animator Lamide creates Lambs living on Lambsworld: A cartoon story about an alien race

Animator Lamide, from East London for the past four years has been working on his brand Lambsworld. The brand is a cartoon story about an alien race living within this world, with the aim to be free and have individuality to prevent becoming a sheep. Lamide’s work has been recognised by ITV News and BBC Radio highlighting the quality of his work. We had a chance to catch up with Lamide, and find out more about his journey.

What made you want to become an animator?  

“I decided to become an animator because I’m really into cartoons and animated stories. This went hand in hand with my passion for art. I enjoy illustrating, sculpting and of course animating. I always like a challenge myself too, animating requires a lot of time, patience and practice. It’s not something that happens overnight and this where you can see how hard work can pay off.”

In what ways do you look to change the industry?

“I am looking to ‘change’ the industry through story-telling. Animation is a medium where you can be as imaginative as possible. There are basically no boundaries just the ones you put on yourself. I believe that there are a lot of untold stories that animation is perfect for. Cartoon characters are there for exaggeration and making comments on society. Growing up in East London, Hackney I think I speak for a lot of people that this is an area that has so much to tell and offer. It’s been one of the main inspirations for my Lambs.”

How have you used your experience and skills to educate young people? 

“I’ve used my skills and experience to educate young people by facilitating Lambsworld workshops in my community and schools. Young people have taken a real liking to my workshops because they can see how the skills that I’m sharing can create a job/career path for themselves, especially at such a young age. Having my own stall and brand has also helped me educate young people as it’s actual proof that art and design can lead to an actual career.”

What has been your proudest moment as an animator? 

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“My proudest moment as an animator was in December 2016 when my claymation showreel was shown on ITV’s evening news. That was a real eye-opener for me as it made me realise I have a very unique art style and a story that people want to hear. Since then I’ve been working consistently on my brand Lambsworld. I trade weekly in markets selling key rings, magnets, figurines and charms of my characters Lambs. They’re aliens who love expressing their individuality, quite the opposite of sheep.”

What do you set to achieve in the future? 

“In the future I plan on stapling Lambsworld in British culture, I would like my characters to be as popular as Dennis the Menace or Wallace and Gromit. I plan on doing this through picture books I’ll be releasing later in the year, animated short films, toys and whatever else I can conjure up. I believe that if you can imagine it then you can create it.”

Check out Lamb’s website here.

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