Anna Pluskota releases her ‘Flowerland’ editorial exclusively with GUAP Magazine.

Anna Pluskota

Anna Pluskota interprets femininity and nature in her latest editorial, named Flowerland

In the country of Poland, the imagery of women is often in the crux of the male gaze. From the hyper-sexual to the hyper-feminine, the image of women is more often misappropriated in the hands of white cis men. Photographers like Anna Pluskota, are integral in the ongoing fight for women to be valued behind the scenes for the stories they wish to tell through their lens. 

The ever-changing landscape of the photography industry in the last few decades has caused a renaissance of female photographers interpreting their femininity in ways that remain in their control. Anna Pluskota’s curious imagination takes her to places where she wishes to capture the beauty of women and their connection to nature. She says, “ I was heavily inspired by fresh flowers and this photo editorial tells a story about women surrounded by them.” She explains, “the visual inspiration came from Celeste performing ‘Not Your Muse.”

Anna Pluskota who has now been based in London for the last eight years, got in touch with GUAP to exclusively release her latest editorial series named ‘Flowerland’. The editorial features @namedmodels’ @jennywasntasleep.

Photography and Director: Anna Pluskota @anna.pluskota

Photography assistant: Ella Costache @ella_costache

Model: @jennywasntasleep

Styling: Francesca Martin Kane @francesca_martin_kane

Flower designer: Gaia Eros @gaiaerosflorals

Makeup: Lora Nova @sulkhanova

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