Vibrant shots and velvety skin are what makes this Antiguan photographs intoxicating

The 24-year-old photographer, visual artist and an overall shining ray of talent has a way of turning raw pictures into mesmerizing art.


Dotkidchavy‘s great eye easily transforms black bodies, often paired with nature in the background to a higher magical form of life. He mixes vibrant colours with dark skin, creating a rich contrast in his imagery that is hard to ignore.

Each picture fails to miss a detail; from sweat on a brow to the emotions captured by his lens – a revelation is created, through the sound of each shutter click.

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His drive to create such magical pieces mainly comes from his personal life experiences and situations he has gone through and is still going through on a daily basis. He says;

I’m a huge advocate for the importance of mental health and how it’s important to protect your energy via the things you surround yourself by.
For those out there who are in a mental place where they think they’re not needed or feel less than, know that, that feeling won’t last forever and it’s probably a phase you need to go through to be that stronger person you were meant to be. You are dope, you are needed, you are enough and don’t you ever, EVER forget that.
As the saying goes ‘Pressure makes diamonds’, Dotkidchavy‘s work is truly a rare gem.
My main message is one of not being afraid to be your full true self, weird or not we all have a story to share, insecurities are what makes us, us so never feel afraid to jump out the box society may have have built around us. Remember the motto which is to “Just Keep Going” and know that “You are ENOUGH”

Dotkidchavy‘s amazing work can be found on his website  and on his Instagram [@Dotkidchavy]

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