AOK (aka Bootychaaain) dropped fresh visuals for her single ‘Cutthroat’

Words by: Andrea Susarrey

As one of Goth Trap’s pioneers AOK reaffirms her position on the genre with the new visuals to ‘Cutthroat’.

AOK, also known as Bootychaaain, released a single this past month that I have not been able to go one day without listening to. Richmond, Virginia born and based, Bootychaaain has been around for a while now, her name may not be huge yet, but that’s definitely changing.

In a moment where most people are still living and feeling the residual effects of lockdown(s), this song reinvigorated the energy of going out in me that I had forgotten about.

As a pioneer for the Goth Trap genre, she’s opened a lot of doors for plenty of artists who adopted the sound she helped shape. In a 2019 interview with Underground Underdogs along with her musical and life partner Black Kray, when asked how she feels about being probably the most influential artists in this genre she said, “I think that especially if you’re a musician in today’s time, and you’re young and experimental, you know who he is (Black Kray), you know who I am.” That’s definitely true, and especially more so now after releasing ‘Cutthroat’. She’s always chosen to be independent, and that has kept her fan base loyal and art continuously expansive. 

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This song is slightly different from the music she has made in the past. Produced by cvrvdio,  it’s much more up beat, energetic, and has a hard flow that continues throughout. The gritty, overly saturated music video is the perfect representation of the song. Directed by @owlhrsnick and styled by Edward Long.  The video is a party scene in a warehouse, with guest appearances like the infamous LA Based chicana makeup artist Anythingforsalenaaas, Clip, and other friends, all dancing and posing well dressed.

She has always kept it constantly real and original, deliberately choosing to stay independent has allowed for a tangible freshness and artistry to thrive in her music. This tune is one very much needed to lift the grit on our moods and moves left from these antisocial times.

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