Art on the Underground commission Larry Achiampong at Westminster Underground Station

On the 14th of November, Art on the Underground commissioned Jarman Award nominated artist Larry Achiampong. The British Ghanaian artist has his work commissioned at Westminster Underground station until February 2020. Which will re-image London Underground’s roundel as part of the Achiampong’s on-going project ‘Relic Traveller’. The commission looks to explore the way in which artists can integrate alternate histories to redesign the logo. Achiampong chose to focus on Pan African colours, which are symbolic to various African diasporic identities. The colours chose were green, black and red which represents land, the struggles the continent has endured, alongside gold which represents prosperity.

The designs consist of eight roundel’s which will be displayed in seventy sites across the underground station. Achiampong’s design is built on his concept of “sanko-time” which has been a theory at the core of his recent practice. The phrase is based on the Ashanti word “sanfoka” which means to go back for what has been left behind.

The project opens narratives based on African mythologies and their relationship with science fiction. Achiampong work has certainly open the opportunity to explore African diaspora, and the need to acknowledge their often erased and forgotten contribution to the city. Larry Achiampong stated: “To be given the opportunity to create an artwork that opens up questions around history and contemporary society, whilst celebrating the innumerable stories that have passed through the this city feels timely and important. It is a legacy that I am proud to be part of.”

Be sure to look out for the African pan coloured roundel’s at Westminster Underground Station and help us celebrate Achiampong contribution.

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