Article 13: What does this all mean?

The internet plays a significant role in the Creative Industry, we share, communicate and post content daily. Yesterday, the EU Parliament voted in for copyright laws which has been argued to change the internet, here are a few key points below:

  • Posting material without copyright permission will make Tech firms liable.
  • You may notice material you’ve posted without a copyright license being pulled down!
  • No fear! We hear that memes and GIF’s under this law will still be allowed.
  • Creators and Artists will have stronger copyrighting laws, enabling them to protect their work.

The question is how will technology firms keep an eye on what their users post? Critics suggest these firms will have to incorporate a filter into their platforms, that enables them to detect this material. However, some say this could lead to the deletion of content that may not infringe this law. More to unveil as Technology firms assess how they tackle this law.

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