Art & Photography: Multi-media Artist Nadeem Din-Gabisi Releases New Experimental Film “Mass” [@FilmVidUmbrella]

Nadeem Din-Gabisi'

Multi-media Artist Nadeem Din-Gabisi Releases Online Exhibition With FVU

Online exhibition: FVU Watch​ ​​ | 19 May – 18 June 2020

Nadeem Din-Gabisi'
Nadeem Din-Gabisi’

Nadeem Din-Gabisi is a multi-media artist (writer, painter, poet, musician, and filmmaker). His artistic practice is centered around the re-presentation of the black image, pertaining to people of African Descent and the limitlessness of what it means to be black, other, and more than that. His work critically and playfully examines himself, the current present and any and all time, before and after that.

MASS​ is A short film written and directed by Din-Gabisi. MASS​ is a new, experimental film that explores the theory of Black Visual Frequency. M​ASS​ follows The Seeker, a black woman living in a dystopian cityscape who, as if heeding to call home from within, follows invisible signals to a place of sanctuary.

Working with a number of collaborators, including musician Coby Sey, artist-filmmaker Rhea Storr, and cinematographer Shivani Hassard, ​MASS​ combines poetic visuals with reverberant sounds to carve out the intimate communal spaces and intangible signals that characterise various aspects of the contemporary Black experience.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi'
Nadeem Din-Gabisi’

Online exhibition: Nadeem Din-Gabisi, ​MASS,​ 

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2020 Dates: 19 May – 18 June 2020
Free to watch
Social media: #MASS

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