‘Asha’s Awakening’ Meditation Music with a Punjabi Space Princess

For her sophomore concept album ‘Asha’s Awakening’, Raveena has revealed herself in the form of an ancient Punjabi space princess, decoding the complexities of love and reflecting on her final days in her 20s.

There’s something about NYC’s Raveena and her music that leaves you feeling restored and revitalised. The acoustic guitar and spacey production create the ideal terrain for “Asha’s Awakening” which tells the story of a space princess who goes on to traverse centuries whilst learning about affairs of the heart. 

Her voice is petal-soft as she plants her roots into the ground for continuing success in her career. This brand of Raveena brings elements of 2000s R&B nostalgia and tellings of tranquil tales. Asha’s Awakening is constructed around growth, strength and liberation while drawing on both Western and South Asian inspirations and collaborations.

Two personal stand-outs on the 15-track album is “Love Overgrown” and “Asha’s Kiss” featuring singer Asha Puthli. The two tracks are both examples where the artists creates a melange of undulating synths and rhythmic guitar riffs while intentionally placing Indian instrumentals layered in the back. Immediately I was left wistfully dreaming of a summer spent road tripping across an arid desert in a vintage cabriolet.

Vince Staples makes an appearance on the bouncing “Secret” which becomes an immediate ear-worm with its brooding bassline and the Bollywood samples; also deriving from Y2K trends that seem to be an ideal fit for this melodic space princess and once again showing that the growth in this latest project is apparent. 

Certain tracks even observe Raveena take a cosmic leap forward, such as on “Kismet” (which translates to ‘destiny’) wherein she experiments with a faster pace in tempo. Reaching a climax halfway through as the interlude, “The Internet Is Like Eating Plastic”, which has no instrumental, just spoken word creating a ‘pause for effect’ result.

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To round things off the NY residing artist includes a 13-minute guided meditation to provide ardent fans with a means to see off the negativity accumulated over the week; making it an ideal listen for the end of a long day or as the perfect soundtrack for a self-care queen. The track encourages listeners to take in some birdsong layered on top of some ruminative synths.

You can download the full album via Bandcamp here or stream below.

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