Aspiring Film Makers Should Watch Dayveon [@Abassibros]

Dayveon is a filmed directed by Amman Abbasi, a new emerging film maker from Arkansas; a southern state in the United States, which became the backdrop for this aesthetically stimulating drama.

Scene from Dayveon. Photo courtesy of Getty images.

The film which was screened at the Sundance festival in 2017 follows Dayveon who is played by Actor Devin Blackmon , a young 13 year old boy who’s effected by the shooting of his older brother. In the wake of his death Dayveon takes to the streets of Arkansas and finds himself knee deep in the gang culture of the rural town.

Abbasi sets the tone for many young displaced black boys in America. Living in poverty stricken areas sometimes they see crime as the only way to make ends meet. The story of Davyveon was told as if it was being pulled out of someone’s memory bank. So honest and such a true reflection of the incubating gang culture in rustic America.

A thought- provoking visual that conveyed the essence of a documentary but held all the talent of a feature film. Raw and candid would be the best overused adjectives to describe it.

For those who want to take the steps into film making Dayveon is a film that will inspire you visually, introducing you to a new angle and tone of directing.

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Dayveon is available to watch in the UK on Netlfix.


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