#AWeekWithGUAP: Fly Threads and Empty Beds (11/11/18)

Fly threads and empty beds is the title because that’s all this week has consisted of in the fashion industry. With the launch of Adidas’ latest designer collection, and Black Friday round the corner to your left outside your house, there’s more going on than I can tell you in a text, which is why I present to you a one week diary with me the fashion contributor for GUAP, giving you an in-depth visual experience of brands, collaborations and anything lit that happened in the garment world last week. So what happened, that was so worth leaving bed and Netflix for? Continue reading to find out. 


Picture: from Pause Magazine website
Sunday – Pause Yard Event by Pause Magazine 

Despite it being a typical day of rest, Sunday was anything but that thanks to the Pause Yard Event, courtesy of Pause Magazine. With attendance from all those people you follow on Instagram, but don’t say hi to in real life, endorsed by special guest appearances from Donae’o, DigDat and Berna, it’s safe to say it was an event worth leaving the crib for. The event also gave a platform to independent labels, with unique traits and raw talents, such as HoodLab, Tourne De Transmission, and Night Addict, making it a brilliant collaboration of all of the UK’s freshest upcoming designers, brands and creatives. Now, how long until the next one?


Picture: Invitation to the ‘Anti-Black Friday’ event, designed by the LDC Group.
Wednesday – Anti-Black Friday by Lone Design Club (LDC)

Ever heard of Krampus? If not, go Google him now and get back to me later. Krampus could just be, the mastermind behind Black Friday himself, as our never ending list of festive holidays which require unnecessary consumerism, continues to grow by the year. LDC is currently exhibiting a unique sustainable experience, which tackles the war mind of consumerism, by selling only sustainable and recycled, fashion, art and literature. This is event will support the planet and your bank account equally.





Picture: Olivia Oblanc, Kendall Jenner and fellow models posing live, for a presentation at the Adidas x Olivia Oblanc launch party.
Thursday – Adidas x Olivia Oblanc Launch Party

We defiantly bumped into Kendall Jenner, but that wasn’t the only highlight of the Adidas x Olivia Oblanc collection launch. Set in a car park, which apparently had no cars, (does that make it just a park now? You tell me, honestly), I predict this to be a collaboration just as big as Adidas’ last epic alliance with upcoming designer/university student Danielle Cathari. The collection which is now available on the Adidas website and selected flagship stores, features urban expression at its rawest, with a range of diverse young creatives, wearing Adidas how they want to, where they want to. Whether that be dancing, running or standing on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere looking powerful. Check out a full article on the event, by Arts & Culture writer Illayda also on the GUAP website. Keep it up Adidas, I’ve mentally brought a pair of the cool logo sneakers by Olivia already.


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Picture: A photo from the collection of Kuki London’s ‘You’ve Been Suspended!’ unisex range.
Friday – Kuki London Collection Launch Party

Kuki, do you love me? I do, as Kuki London brought Japan and our local skatepark, right to our doorstep, and by that I mean a cosmopolitan apartment style loft in Shoreditch, decorated head to toe with block print graphics, and illustrations modelling original concepts and designs, from their latest collection ‘You’ve Been Suspended!’, (The overall mood and aesthetic definitely made me feel although I had been). Kuki London is the brand we expect to be on everyone’s backs soon, and not just the suspended kids.


Picture: The invitation for Polythene Optics x END. collaboration party.
Saturday – Polythene Optics (PO) x END. Party

We were most definitely tired by the time it got to the Polythene Optics x END. party, but the energy had to be persevered for the event centred on a genius collaboration. PO known for their powerful graphic prints and recent works with Places + Faces, alongside END., speedy becoming the ASOS for the streetwear community, made this the Hypebeast event of the season. The night featured performances by Siobham Bell, Cyber69 and 1-800 Girls to name a few, and also had exclusive threads, you could only purchase on scene.


Let me know if I can borrow that exclusive tee you brought there?

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