Babushkas, balaclavas and masks: What is fashions new obsession with headwear?

Babushkas, balaclavas and masks, headwear is the latest accessory in fashion. Something that was once predominately on the catwalk is now a part of everyday fashion.

Balaclavas became a massive trend in 2018 and are continuing to be in 2019. Raf Simmons recently unveiled his collaboration with luxury Australian skiwear brand Templa. The collection will drop in winter 2019 and includes a colourway of blues, orange, and white. The capsule merges traditional skiwear pieces such as down coats and shell pants with graphic t-shirts and balaclavas. The collection infuses Raf Simmon’s artistic approach to fashion. The designer introduced balaclavas in his final Calvin Klein collections. The accessory blurs the line between glamour and terror and introduces a new way of incorporating the face into dressing.

A$AP Rocky accidentally started ‘Babushka boy’ as a fashion trend. His real intention in wearing a scarf around his face was to cover a scar. Babushka is a Russian word which refers to an elderly woman or grandmother. Way before the rapper adopted the trend, silk scarfs around the head are something associated with older women.  So why did it become a trend? One reason babushkas caught on is because of the massive influence Rocky has on fashion. However, there’s also a want to redesign how mundane accessories like belts and scarves can be worn.

Belgium based artist Shalva Nikvashvili is redefining what headwear can be in fashion. The artist takes old jackets, paper bags, cycling equipment, keyboards and pretty much anything you can think of to create a headwear piece. His artwork explores his personal struggles as an LGBT immigrant. He gives bold titles to his works such as “LOST IDENTITY”, “FORBIDDEN TO TALK” and ” SEARCHING FOR SECURITY”. By using the face rather than the body as a canvas, he achieves an even more personal and louder message through the works.

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