Baby Pink & link up for joint project Twenty Fourteen

The ladies of Common Roots come together for short EP Twenty Fourteen.

Twenty Fourteen is a little taster EP from Baby Pink and from Common Roots. Common Roots is the East London collective that is completely self sufficient in their creative process. Baby Pink and are also respectively artists but it is of course always good to see members of a collective come together and create. Within it’s less than 10 minute run time you get quite a bit of insight into who the duo are as characters but also what they’re preferred musical direction and style is. It is a fluid sound they work with on the body of work, it captures the essence of some of the prime era SoundCloud rap.

Twenty Fourteen could quite easily be described as the diary of the female experience in London. From touching on relationship dynamics, the smoker lifestyle, just enjoying life, and even lightly on mental health – although short it has some depth to it if you take the time to listen to it. It is definitely worth that listen too as the pair come together in a way that could only have come about through working together organically for a long time. It’s so natural and they are so in tune with each other that occasionally if you don’t pay attention you can lose which one is taking centre stage at certain moments.

For me, the opener ‘Got Bars’ is the strongest track in the project. It has a well balanced feel to it, although very mellow and laid back it feels like a very cheerful record. This tailored production allows the duo to shine a light on their varied skillset. Whether it is rapping, singing, or blending the two vocalling styles the beat accommodates it all. This and the duo definitely sounding like they were having a lot of fun on this one make the track such a standout. It also does a great job of setting the tone of the project and immediately drawing audiences in.

As mentioned in their previous interview with us you can definitely expect more from the members of Common Roots. The whole collective is working towards one big collaborative project, but they are also working on smaller projects with fewer members on it like Twenty Fourteen. Of course, the individual members are dropping music solo as well so you can keep an eye out. Baby Pink, in particular, has been dropping snippets and freestyles on her Instagram and has promised new music.

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