BaggE [@BaggEofficial_] drops new single ‘Ahaha’

BaggE drops her first release, ‘Ahaha’, since her debut EP.

‘Ahaha’ is the latest release from the 19 year old emerging talent BaggE, who is blending genres with her sound. She released her debut EP Preserving The Prior which garnered quite a bit of media attention when it dropped. On this latest track she moves slightly away from the more Jazz infused approach she took on that project but the quality is still there.

The track gets its uptempo light and breezy production from K, Le Maestro. This backdrop provides a luxuriant and engrossing base for BaggE to work her magic. In unison, the vocals and the beat paired have an almost hypnotic effect in the way that they draw you into the track. Lyrically the track explores leaving a bad relationship and the accompanying process of trying to get over it.

The lyrics are the one place I’d want to see more work. All the pieces together make ‘Ahaha’ a really good track, but the lyrics are what hold it back from being great. There is definitely room for growth considering how young BaggE is and let’s hope she hits her stride with it as the talent is there to see in abundance. All she needs is the right people around her and there should be absolutely no reason she won’t become a star.

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There is definitely more to come from BaggE and she’s going to be releasing visuals to go alongside this track very soon. BaggE is exciting, and it will be great to see what she can achieve as time goes on.

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