BBL CLB [@bblclb] & GUAP team up with Reebok Club C Legacy for immersive live stream event

Missing that going out experience? Well BBL CLB are trying to help get those rave cravings satisfied.

This BBL has nothing to do with a Brazilian Butt Lift, the British Basketball League or Australia’s Big Bash League. BBL CLB (pronounced bubble club) is trying to do something new in the event space by combining live streaming with interactive theatre – think Boiler Room mixed with Black Mirror‘s immersion inducing Bandersnatch. The multi-week offering kicks off next week (February 10th) with the GUAP curated event taking place on February 18th.

I can already hear the questions of “how will this actually work?” going through your head. Well BBL CLB is an interactive online experience, played in groups remotely on video calls. Your mission is to find the BBL CLB. Do you have what it takes to find the secret venue? You are in control of the storylines, your destiny is in your hands as you journey into the underground rave scene. If you make it onto the legendary dance floor, a heavyweight programme of DJs perform live, exclusive sets, from the elusive BBL CLB.

So let me set the scene – Nightlife has been decimated by the pandemic. Dance floors across the country remain closed with no end in sight and the parties have been forced underground.

The epicentre of the underground club scene is the acclaimed BBL CLB which is only known by select few that are really tapped into the culture. The legendary venue hosts the best of the best resident DJs that keep the scene alive, and under wraps. Once the bubble pops, it will disappear forever. So it’s up to you and up to 5 other friends to get yourself down whilst you can.

You can get yourself tickets to all events on the lineup and find out more information here – grab them before they’re gone.

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