Be Your Own Tribe – Kwaleö’s [@kwaleoconcept] latest pop-up gallery

London based fashion brand Kwaleö hosted their latest pop-up gallery at Old Street last week. Across the week they hosted a series of exclusive screenings, creative workshops and DJ sets.

Photo credit: @appearherehq

Kwaleö directly translated from Swahili, means ‘Enjoy the Moment‘, and this is definitely prevalent in their branding. Initially, Kwaleö popped up on the London scene through various events, and fashion exhibitions. But later brought out a series of tees, hoodies, bum bags and more.

Photo credit: Activisuals

Founded by Laurenzo Faboumy in 2014; the brand now has a collection in promotion of maximum functionality, and daily use. Kwaleö is all about celebrating, embracing and loving your individuality, as well as surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Their motto is to ‘not only be your own tribe, but build your own tribe.

Laurenzo spent many years travelling around the world, but chose London as the launch of his brand. When asked why, he said London’s full of different energies, individuality and multiculturalism; which makes it the ideal location for a brand celebrating exactly that. Despite it’s London home, Kwaleö is still making its mark worldwide.

You can check out their latest collection below.

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