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Beauty Palace UK

Beauty Palace is Flawless, Creative & Transforming 

Contribution by: Beauty Palace

Beauty Palace has built a reputation off handmade, vegan, and animal cruelty-free makeup. But when Beauty Palace announced they were due to release their well anticipated “GlowGetter” skincare range the public cheered with excitement. 

it’s no surprise that when the Beauty Palace debuted their cosmetics line products started selling out! 

Beauty Palace UK

Beauty Palace is currently limited to mink lashes, pressed powders (blush, bronzer & highlight), lipgloss & skincare. This comes with recyclable & reusable holographic & pink bags — her signature packaging. All items are vegan and cruelty-free, which is also part of the reason the Beauty Palace chose to launch her brand independently.

Because Beauty Palace make all products by hand they are able to keep on top of the demand of products and keep their customers happy – much to her fans’ delight. 

The burgeoning entrepreneur recently officially launched the brand, giving supporters a chance to view the products Beauty Palace have to offer, a free masterclass giving supporters & customers an exclusive look on how the products apply, speaking on how manifesting positivity into the beauty brand motivated the push needed to elevate Beauty Palace to the next level, the idea behind all her products and the lack of representation within beauty.

Beauty Palace UK

Where did the idea for Beauty Palace come from? 

Starting a beauty brand was never my super fantasy because I had seen it was such a saturated market. We see so many Instagram gurus doing beauty collaborations and coming out with lipstick or an eyeshadow. You always see influencers & celebs collaborating with major brands, the same brands that test on animals or pour extremely dangerous chemicals into cosmetics… I wanted to be passionate about releasing something I could 100% stand behind and I felt like I wanted to do something different.

So I decided to put my big girl panties on and had a huge boss up moment. I knew that these big or better yet well-known brands would be my competition and I would have to work ten times as hard as they would and I was ok with that. I can’t for sure say I’m the first, but I’d like to think I’m one of the first brands to create a vegan-friendly brand that is against animal cruelty and creates our own product by hand. 

Were there any products you were particularly excited about creating?

I wanted to create products that are gentle on the skin, high in pigmentation, chemical-free and most importantly for people with sensitive skin, which was very important to as I myself have very sensitive skin, packed with amazing ingredients like Shea Butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil and all sorts of ingredients. 

These are products that are truly transformative. I use makeup not only for artistry but for the transformation aspect. How I do my makeup is a reflection on my mood.. how creative I want to be, the style  & fashion I’ll be merging the finalised look with it all falls under creativity! 

What sort of research did you need to do to perfect these looks?

I’ve spent so long studying the ingredients that go into each product and how they differ. I would look at different hues and shades of each pigment and that’s pretty much what it falls into. I was able to create our most popular item (Ice me out Highlight), this started off as a loose powder but after hours of research, I learned how to create the brightening powder into a pressed compact that basically creates a glow that’s to die for! This is the highlight of all highlighters, the iridescence to it is almost blinding and is truly transforming powder that you apply against your cheekbones, down your nose, the center of your forehead, your chin, and that just gives you this instant spotlight effect. Anywhere you are, any lighting you’re in, it always looks like you’re glowing.  So I guess I had this crazy idea to create more products and nobody stopped me.

Have you had this idea for a while?

I had the idea for about a year or two before taking things seriously and launching the brand. I never thought that I would be the person to create cosmetics. I felt like there were certain products that I needed in terms of products that wouldn’t harm my face due to chemicals. So I had to step up and have that moment. It was obviously a vision of mine and a far-fetched thing of living this dream of having my own brand. But I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do this 100 percent on my own or have this be 100 percent my vision, from the packaging to the formulas to the label to the text that’s on the back of the sticker. It’s a lot of pressure, especially at this young age.

After the release of Fenty beauty & Pat McGrath, I realized that the world hasn’t seen a black-owned cosmetics brand in this light. It’s not my job to be going crazy for my community, but at the same time, I feel like I do owe it to do something with the platform given to us in this day and age other than taking selfies. 

Beauty Palace UK

Do you have a skincare range?

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I think skincare is fundamental to everything. I keep it pretty basic. It’s all about taking care of my skin before and after the makeup; I feel being creative with makeup is great but it’s pointless if you don’t take good care of your skin…that’s important for me. I’ve been doing a lot of research on facial masks and the beneficial properties in the ingredients that are placed in the masks. 

Beauty Palace is so excited to announce the release of our “GlowGetter Skincare range” it’ll be including facial masks, facial hydrating mists & exfoliating scrubs! I’ve also been moisturising — moisturising my neck, my hands, everywhere. 

Were you expecting the collection to sell out so quickly? 

It’s something that you obviously hope for. At first, I ordered less units than I expected simply because I was nervous and wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Since then I’ve learned from mistakes and I’m now ordering more units of everything to make sure I can keep up with the demand of items. I feel like customers get so annoyed when items aren’t readily available. I’ve never put my name on a makeup product so I didn’t know what I could sell or how I could sell it. It was very surprising but I’m super pleased and excited about it… it motivates me to continue what I’m doing as a brand owner. 

Would you be open to a collaboration in the future?

Yes! Now that I have my own brand, I’ve been thinking of collaboration campaigns with influencers & celebs, even friends… I just want to be able to continue to produce products we as a minority can 100% support and stand by. 

Beauty Palace UK

Contribution by: Beauty Palace

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