Behind The Scenes: GUAP Magazine ’90s Nostalgia’ Editorial Shoot

“The only people that can remember the 90’s, were alive in the 90’s”

The 90’s was an extraordinary decade, and I for one am envious I wasn’t a teenage during that era. The 90’s had the most memorable and still talked about TV shows. This ranged from Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids and The Cosby Show. During the 90’s even politics was poppin’, the press conference moment where Bill Clinton tried to reinvent sex with the infamous quote “I did not have sexual relations with that women.” The 90’s was also the decade which all greatness is measured. This varies from sports, to music, to the slang itself.

The 90’s promoted function over fashion. High-waisted ripped jeans, bike shorts when walking, windbreakers, bandannas, and combat boots; 90’s clothes were more than style statements, they were also really comfortable.

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The 90’s Nostalgia editorial shoot was to show a representation of youth culture today.  GuapMag collaborated with and @kmariesoul who captured effectively the dynamic cultivation of young people in modern society. It was also wonderful working with @HaddonPR who supplied the 90’s themed garments and the lovely @linekovie styled the models. The aim of the shoot was to present the mix between old brands and new brands and how in terms of fashion not much has changed. We are still the kids of the 90’s – just older. The brands used for shoot were Fila, Ellese, Swagldn and Champion. The bold colours, bright prints, sportswear, baggy denim is a style that will transcend through the eras. The 90’s is definitely the era to which all greatness is measured. The youth culture of the 21st century still carries on the originality and bold statements that were evident in the 90’s.


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