Being a Black Ex-pat in a Black Country [@Jourds_explores]


2019 was labeled “The Year of Return” for Black-Africans Living In The Diaspora.

Contribution by Jourdain Kettle-Foster.

Migration is on the move. Hundreds of Black African Americans are now set on returning back to AFRICA!  2019 has been labeled as “The year of return” where many black ex-pats are sailing back to the golden coast. 400 years after the first enslaved Africans were transported into the unknown.

Why you ask is this happening? 

African Americans in the states have decided to make a change both environmentally and spiritually to escape the racial inequalities formulated by their American government.

Many are saying why shouldn’t we return back to where we came from? Why shouldn’t we move and start up a business in Africa? Why shouldn’t we help to propel black excellence incontinent most designated for us?

Ghana is at the forefront of this huge migration spectacular. The Ghanaian President is encouraging Black people to rediscover their roots in return to join the Ghanaian community!


Many have voiced that living in the golden continent as a black person has been a revitalizing and new experience. “This is what it must feel like to be a white person in the united states” – Dr. Obadele Kambon, African- American

 Ghanaian Citizen. 

Lakeisha Ford, an African American who also has recently become a Ghanaian citizen has stated that

“In Ghana, you’re not a Black man or woman you are simply just a man or a woman”.

My experience in a black country?

When I traveled to Barbados for the 4th time in 2019; I‘d felt a different connection this time around. A grown-up perspective. I felt whole. I never felt judged or misconceived for the way I look.

Walking past the police and not feeling uneasy or accused of appearing deviant based on my appearance.

Popping to the corner and not feeling a threat towards the security guard to follow me around the shop.

The locals politely saying hello and greeting me without feeling awkward or weird about it.

The experience in Barbados was a dream & I  understand why many Blacks leaving the West are in search of a black safe space in which they can call their home.

Is there anything you need to know before moving to these countries?

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One thing I will say is that many societies outside of the West operate differently. Life is a lot slower in comparison to the fast paced and excessive-tech used in the West.

From my experience in Barbados, I realised that the TV programs are a little backward, and funded by the Spanish government.

The news in the Caribbean appeared dated, similar to the newsrooms in the ’90s. 

Food Lifestyle.

In Caribbean and African regions vegetarian and vegan options are often limited due to the fact that these regions consume a large quantity of meat. When in Barbados it was a little difficult to allocate (in particular) Vegan eateries. 

Nevertheless, being in a tropical environment such as the Caribbean and Africa places, you are at a great advantage to grow your own vegetation and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local vendors.                                             

Moving to the land of hot sun, culture and the darker complexion is a thing of the future. Are we willing to be apart of that movement?

Contribution by Jourdain Kettle-Foster.

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