[@BellySquad] link up with [@SectionBoyz_] for ‘Sun Goes Down’

Belly Squad and Section link up for new banger Sun Goes Down.

The always fun and bubbly Belly Squad are continuing their winning ways. This time they link up with Section Boyz for their new anthem Sun Goes Down. This collaboration is a bit of a shock as it seemingly came from nowhere but it makes sense. Where Section Boyz previously delivered street heat in a way that translated to mainstream success Belly Squad add even more into the mix. In what has seemed like a drought from Section Boyz they seem to be back on track. Having released Dead Tings with Swift and Inch and before that Ugly Faces, having Swift link up with Loski of Harlem Spartans we are back to another collaboration. Belly Squad having broken out with Banana and following up with the Abra Cadabra assisted Pick Up The Phone remix bring their signature sauce to the track.

As a Belly Squad track the party vibe is very clear. The uptempo dancehall inspired beat perfectly coupled with the phrase Sun Goes Down. Only these guys flip it, instead of a party til the sun goes down theme they go with the grind til the sun goes down. It’s a nice twist and not everyone goes completely street, with lyrics like “brown girl watch her whine and fling it” keeping the vibe fun. It’s a welcome return for Section Boyz who people had begun to say were falling off, on Belly Squad’s side this is just another banger they’ve added to their catalogue.

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