We Caught Up With GOSSE au COEUR Creative Director Benjamin Kyei [@bkyei_] On Creating Your Own Reality and The Upcoming ‘Forever Daydreaming’ Collection

gosse au coeur
GOSSE au COEUR launched in 2017, offering ready-to-wear menswear collections, fusing streetwear aesthetics with luxury sensibilities. French for kid at heart, GOSSE au COEUR’s founder Benjamin Kyei describes the brand as as minimalist, clean and timeless.
gosse au coeur

Underpinned with nostalgic references, showcased on Kyei’s personal instagram page, GOSSE au COEUR speaks to contemporary youth culture and Kyei’s experiences growing up in East London.

I caught up with Benjamin about all things GOSSE au COEUR as well as his upcoming collection which you can expect by the end of September.

gosse au coeur

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Benjamin Kyei, I am a 23 years old Ghanaian, born and raised in East London and the owner and Creative Director of GOSSE au COEUR.

What led you on the path of fashion and branding?
I feel like I have always been in fashion. However, I haven’t always realised it. As a kid, I always loved dressing up and designing different outfits and accessories; not only for me but for my toys as well. My favourite childhood superheroes and TV characters growing up were always the individuals I thought were best dressed. So, when I had the idea of starting my own business, starting a fashion brand was the thing that felt most natural to me.

GOSSE au COEUR translates to kid at heart in French which is a beautiful sentiment. How do you think keeping the child inside you alive helps your creativity?
The idea of being a child is so important to me as a designer because a child has the benefit of not knowing what is not possible. There is a feeling of faith and freedom within when you accept, you’re a child. Having faith and freedom allows my imagination to run free giving me the boldness to imagine making the “impossible” possible.

gosse au coeur

What’s the story behind the ‘Forever Daydreaming’ collection?
The story behind “Forever Dreaming” is a story of freedom, hope, inspiration and belief. The collection focuses on a young boy who created and found freedom in his dreams to create his reality.

However, the collection is about a bigger picture. We all have dreams but along the way we may let go and quit on our dreams because we lose belief in ourselves or someone tells us our dreams are unrealistic. However, we must continue daydreaming even when everyone else has stopped. Our wildest dreams will help us get to where we want to be and most importantly our dreams will inspire the people around us.

What is it about 90s grunge culture that inspires you?
I have always loved the effortless, messy yet comfortable style and aesthetic of the grunge subculture. I always wanted to be a Rockstar because I loved the way they dressed. That is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

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You’re colourblind and this is a defining theme in GOSSE au COEUR which utilises a monochrome palette – what are the benefits of being colourblind?
Being colour blind has given me one less thing to worry about as a designer. When designing, I don’t focus too much on colours because the GAC colour palette is simple. This has allowed me to focus more on other details of my designs such as the branding, materials used and fitting of my garments to create timeless pieces for my consumers and a unified community for the brand.

Do you plan to introduce more colour to the brand at some point?
To be honest, I don’t really like colours. However, I do understand the importance of them and how colours help to portray a message. Therefore, in upcoming collections, I do plan to experiment with different colours and shades, whilst keeping the brands minimalistic aesthetic.

Where do you think the future of fashion and branding is heading?
I think we are already starting to see the future of fashion. Fashion is becoming more involved and relevant in different aspects of life. Fashion brands and fashion designers are collaborating with everything now. It’s exciting to see because it shows the possibilities are endless.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
Keep learning and always find ways to improve yourself as a designer and as a person. Make sure you have strong vision and enjoy the process.

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