[@BenjiFlow_] is straight in at the ‘Deep End’

‘Deep End’ by Benji Flow might just end up being one of the most slept on tracks of the year if the internet doesn’t quickly work its magic.

Benji Flow dropped ‘Deep End’ on October 31st, I didn’t hear it or about it until today (December 16th). I don’t even understand how this is possible. ‘Deep End’ is nothing but vibes. I could have included the original video, but this live version at Boiler Room with the crowd’s energy has more impact. Just look at how the start of the song gets everyone excited and moving, this track could shut down any function.

The production alone is elite. Having a marked Afro-influence but equally coming with a smoothness you would expect of an R&B song. It has that infectious bounce to it, that even though you don’t know the words you want to sing along and vibe with it. The fact that Benji himself plays the keys whilst he’s performing only add to the greatness of ‘Deep End’.

Then come the vocals and lyrics. It is instantly catchy and pleasurable on the ear. With some nice repeated lyrics, it’s one of those songs you’d listen to a couple of times and then have phrases of it stuck in your mind. What elevates this performance is the female singers providing backing vocals giving it that extra layer of soul. Benji does a great job and shows that he can actually sing just as well live as he can on a track, granted there may be slight voice modification but it isn’t overbearing and in 2018 do people even really care if artists sing with assistance?

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This is Benji’s debut single and much like the title of the song he has jumped in at the deep end. If his first single is this great how is he going to follow it up? However, he does, stay locked to GUAP. if it is anything like this first offering, Benji Flows will be featured here again.

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