Beyond the binary: Stylist and Creative Director Stevie Gatez beautifully captures the fluidity of identity through fashion

Stevie Gatez delivers a striking series of photographs capturing ideas around gender nonconformity and non-binary identities.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Stevie Gatez continues his 11-year creative practice in London. Gatez’s work is inspired by his meaningful relationships with people who identify with everything, from Christianity to Pansexuality.

Gender nonconformity can be found within cultures and traditions across the world; however, the term “Non-binary” has entered mainstream media in the recent few years. Gatez believes that the current idea of what non-binary people of colour look like is very limited – and hopes that this photo story can disrupt these mainstream narratives.

Acting as creative director and stylist alongside photographer; Ciaran Christopher, Gatez beautifully captures the fluidity of Ayeisha’s non-binary identity in these images. The styling combines different silhouettes and fabrics to create texture in these images. The soft, blush pink silk bow weaved into a rough brown leather jacket.

Gatez acknowledges that clothing items are not inherently masculine or feminine; they are inanimate objects. However, acting as the stylist in this shoot, he draws pieces from menswear and womenswear designers. His goal with the styling was to create “was to create elevated and inspiring, yet wearable looks, that would in one way or another, depict a balance between clothing that would typically be deemed as specific for men or women.

GUAP exclusively presents ‘I’ll be, They’re’ by Stevie Gatez.


Model: Ayeisha Tashana (Rare Selects Models) 
Photographer: Ciaran Christopher 
Director/Stylist: Stevie Gatez 
HMUA: Zaynah Sanusi 
Assistant Stylist: Lèo Buchet 

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