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Meet UP2N0Gd a group of friends forming a 10 strong creative collective including music artists, a DJ, a photographer and an MUA.


Up2N0Gd are soon to be a creative agency who work and connect with other creatives as well as work with members within the group to realise their artistic visions.

We linked up with the collective in Peckham to bring you the recreation editorial – exploring the importance of playfulness and friendship to being creative.

Meet UP2N0GD in their own words

bbygurltee & Kahm | Up2N0Gd

So what do I do? People were like ooo you got drip, a creative mind and sh*t. So now I’ve started this creative trip. I be painting, drawing, now even tatting sh*t but I wouldn’t really put a label on what I do, I use many mediums to express the intimate parts of me.

Yerrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s the big homie Kahm. I’m a singer/songwriter hailing from south London. I’m a young creative with hedonistic tendencies.

I’m a London based photographer/artist who tries to make content people can relate to. I always try keep it colourful to some extent because I feel colours are a basic form of expression that I can use as a tool to tell a story. I meet a lot of cool people and I feel it would be a shame to not document them.

bfs up2nogd
Moody Gasson, MANNEE, Baski, AFK | Up2N0Gd

Hey I’m MANNEE, I’m an artist from South London. I really like anime, electronic music & the colour blue. I also spent a year in Japan so I’m also interested in tech and ideas around modernity. I’ve always loved music but I started making music when I went to AFK’s house like 5 years ago. I’d say I started taking it seriously a year ago. I want to be as impactful as Kanye. I plan to use my creativity to create the new world I wanna see.

I’m Baski, I’m 20, I’m tryna get bread and change lives, we can fight.

AFK is 23 and has spent his life between London and Bristol. He’s inspired by anything futuristic that stimulates his mind. Think Ghost in a Shell or the Madhouse movie Paprika. He prefers to stay in the shadows, so much so someone else had to put this together for him.

bfs up2nogd recreation
Jiggy Neutron & Puff B | Up2N0Gd

Jiggy Neutron
I go by the name Jiggy, I am 21 and I’m an aspiring fashion designer/business mogul. Art and creation is my passion; I love to make, tweak and revamp. My goal is to become an artist of many forms including hair, music and makeup. My reasons for wanting to be the person I wish to become are personal. I do most of what I do because I was inspired by my older cousin from a young age, she was and forever will be the blueprint.

Puff B
I’m probably one of the last to write mine as I’m so busy sorting everyone else out. I’m a mixed media kind of girl. I take photos, I make art, I sing, I love to give my friends hand poke tattoos. Right now my main focus is really helping my friends get to their goals and really pulling out their potential. I just see everything through this bright blue hue. It’s kind of cool.

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Debbie Debonaire
Hello darling, it’s debbie debonaire here. That was the intro to the YouTube channel I started my music journey on in 2009. Singing came fairly naturally as my 3, much older siblings are the real pioneers of this music ting. *Look up Beth Mburu-Bowie & the Baishe Kings*.

Through them I learned about the power of networking and how to collectively hone creativity. Music slowly became like breathing, although it took a long ass time. I would teach myself the instruments, play “Ode to Joy” on the trumpet at my year 6 final recital, scream at my best friend to teach me guitar and scream at myself to write words that would resonate. Community is key but nothing changed until I started choosing myself.

bfs up2nogd
Debbie Debonaire & Jeeniius | Up2N0Gd

Hey guys! I’m Jeeniius and I can grant all of your musical wishes on a pair of CDJs. DJing for me is a form of self expression through music as I connect with most of the people in the room, by playing what I like! Music is a very important part of my life as I come from a highly musically-inclined family. I know a song is amazing when I can l literally feel the instrumentals, the vibes going through me, it’s like a mini orgasm. My favourite genres are Hiphop, Trap, Drill & Chill (Alte, Vapour, Trap, RnB) and these are the genres I specialise in.


Watch UP2N0GD in Recreation here:

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