Birmingham Rapper Mowgs Returns with New Single “Local Habits”

There’s no reason to doubt it. Mowgs isn’t an artist who lacks justified confidence. And after all the setbacks and distractions, all the hurdles to leap over–there’s a sense that this is the moment where the scales decisively tip away from road to rap.

After last year’s incident with his chain being stolen by someone considered to be a close friend of Mowgs, it was apparent that the artist was done with the lifestyle he had once been conditioned to live under. Whether that meant he had to make it out on his lonesome or be surrounded by others, he didn’t care. This was it and there was nothing that could get in his path. This latest single is more hopeful in sound than previous records from the Birmingham rapper: an anthem for the lost souls and a raw ode to the come-up.

You can get stuck into Mowgs’ captivating narration of life up North in the new single and video below.

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