Black Stylists Including Law Roach Have Created The Black Fashion & Beauty Collective

Law Roach among other stylists have united to create the black fashion & beauty collective after many black creatives within the fashion and beauty industry have been shaking the industry demanding transparency and ultimately permanent change. The concept developed before the Black Lives Matter movement was kicked into gear due to the horrific murder of George Floyd. Law Roach saw a need in the fashion community for black creatives to come together and support each other in a world that often sets us up to fail the initiative took form urgently after the recent events and rightly so, the founders are using this time while the world is listening and many of us are ready to see change to make a stand and create an organization that will have long-lasting effects on the industry and help black creatives. 

A first of its kind the collective will aim to represent black creatives within the fashion and beauty industry and create a community of fashion stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists and others essential to the industry. The organization will also aim to fundraise for its black Fashion and Beauty Business Relief Fund with the help of nonprofit organization My Block, My Hood, My City pledging  $25,000.The initiative details a special focus on businesses not protected by insurance companies or whose insurance claims were denied. Troubling statistics have come to light due to both the coronavirus but also figures given by companies of the number of black employees in their companies. Studies have suggested more than 40% of Black-owned businesses are not expected to survive the pandemic, as well as many people of colour more likely to die from the virus. The general statistics around black employment and companies lack of diversity, show something must be done and this seems to be a step in the right direction. 

The mission statement

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The Black Fashion & Beauty Collective (BFB Collective) is a community of fashion and beauty creatives who are committed to giving towards and directly influencing progression within the fashion and beauty industries and the Black community. Black culture has always provided inspiration for cutting edge fashion and beauty trends and has ultimately contributed to our successes both individually and as a collective in our fields. The BFB Collective plans to create initiatives in collaboration with others in the industry, including designers, fashion houses, production companies, and even those who just hold a deep appreciation for the artistry within fashion and beauty. These initiatives will focus on creating education and career advancement opportunities for aspiring creatives, developing industry diversification standards for brands and corporations, providing resources to support members with their professional goals, and fostering community engagement and support. Charitable endeavours – in partnership with local organizations – will function as vehicles for serving and healing our community, while simultaneously paying homage to those within it who have consistently set the standard in the fashion and beauty industries.

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