#BlackMenSmiling is so beautiful and we love it


This amazing idea was made to happen earlier this Friday by the Comedian Dennis Banks , when the realisation dawned upon him after going through his pictures, that actually, he was not smiling in any of them.


“In places where I’m definitely happy, like I remember that as a happy time, my face didn’t reflect that. I looked like I was trying to be cool or trying to intimidate someone behind the camera.

The hashtag started trending fast and took twitter by surprise and many black men decided to tweet their own pictures of them smiling with the hashtag.

And these beautiful pictures will probably take you by surprise too!



If this little kid doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t even know what will.


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What? You didn’t expect to ever see pictures of the greats (Malcom X and Martin Luther King) smiling?


The founder of the hashtag himself!

“You don’t have time or the opportunity to be happy if you’re poor or if your struggling or if you’re in the wrong environment, but the counter to that is sometimes joy is the only thing keeping you afloat in those difficult moments,” He said.


If you want to see more of these amazing pictures, check out the Twitter and Instagram handles @blackmensmile.

Drop some of your own photos and join the hashtag too!


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