“I Quit my job to do this for our Scene” Let’s Look at Nathan Miller’s [@nathanmillerldn] Documentary ‘LDN’

“Nathan Miller’s Documentary will be an archive for the upheaval in UK street music”

Hailing from East London Nathan Miller has curated LDN a candid documentary focusing on the uprising of the UK Rap & Grime scene in London. With features from some of the most influential people in the UK music scene the documentary captures real moments. Moments that give you an insight into the reality of the lifestyle that many of these Artists live.

Grime is not only a sound but it’s also a reflection of the upbringing for many youth growing up in the inner city of London. Social Housing and Council flats breed an environment that ignites unity and brotherhood. This may be seen as a ‘menace to society’  too many but for some this is the first encounter they will have for developing the meaning of friendship.

With Artists such as Reeko Squeeze expressing their conflicts with crime, Music is a way out of the hood for many of these young Artists. A way that they can express their creativity and earn a living without falling into the trap of going down a road that leads to imprisonment or death. Nathan has managed to create an intimate documentary that shines a light on a generation which has decided to take control of their own talents.

Grime is bred from culture and we’ve decided that we are the ones that will create, explore and document this culture for the world to see on our own terms. Grime is truth and this documentary was needed at a time where we are learning to understand that we are the influencers not the followers.

London is a Hub for creative talent and Nathan Miller’s Documentary will be an archive for the upheaval in UK street music. With figures, such as Posty, 67, Vicky Grout, DJ Semtex, SNE, Belly Squad and Fredo making an appearance for this histrionic piece of work it will be something that we will look back on and realise that we lived through and was a part of an evolution in UK Music.

Be sure to check out Nathan Millers Documentary LDN

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