Celebrating Ghana’s independence: FEARNOMAN clothing [@fearnomanclothing]

FEAR NO MAN clothing designed by Kulaperry is a Ghanian based streetwear brand with a mysterious logo that has intrigued fashion fans. CEO of the brand explains the logo represents his African heritage. Similarly to colours on a flag, the designer uses the colours to represent different aspects the brand stands for. The white represents purity, the red represents the hustle involved in achieving your dreams in Africa. On a deeper level, a combination of all these aspects speaks to the designer’s prayerful attitude fearing no one except God. The brand’s strong message speaks to how fashion can be used to share a message and have your voice heard. This independence day we are supporting a young designer using his platform to create spaces and inspiration for others.

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Ghana's Kulaperry Hosts Biggest Fashion Pop Up in the History of Pop-Ups in Ghana. Ghanaian celebrity stylist and arguably one of the most important names in Urban Street Fashion across the continent on Saturday, January 4, 2020 treated over 700+ patrons to one of the most successful fashion pop up sales events. The FNM pop up in it's 4th season promised and delivered an unparalleled experience to the various lovers of the Fear No Man Brand who trooped the Pot Belly Shack venue for the event. The event was interspersed with Music, Food, Video Gaming and loads of Merchandizing. It also witnessed a never seen before 2-Hour Live performance from Dark Suburb, one of Africa's biggest Rock Bands and climaxed with an energetic display by Dancehall stalwart, Episode. Over 13 Countries were represented at the event and established once again how Global the Fear No Man Brand is and its global appeal. In a touchy message from CEO of Fear No Man, a day after the event which was shared on his Instagram he celebrated and appreciated all who made the event exceptional. " Thank you to the souls of all the Legends who walked the path with us yesterday! To those who stayed woke for the Season 4, for those that validated the commercial value of our expression, THANK YOU. I appreciate your determination in showing me I can do it! Thanking you for your perseverance, support, and love! The Culture evolves and self-rewards! Stay Woke, Stay Happy, Stay Fearless" he admonished. In the spirit of Year of Return, this event truly represented the motherland and proved again that Ghana possesses gems and talents we must protect and project to the world. ????: @ravenstudios_gh Source: Kobbykyeinews.Com ™️ Cc: @fearnomanclothing @potbellyshack

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