Sebastion Xavier’s Epic Trippy World Is Where We Need To Be Right Now [@seb_xavier]

Sebastion Xavier

Sebastion Xavier’s Art Is An Electric Bolt Of Life & Energy!

Sebastion Xavier is the capturer of chaos in his latest work – Between Harsh Reality & Utopian Beauty. The London -based creative, brings us a truly stunning collection of work and I am dying to be a part of his world! Living in an age of modern technology, social distancing, and grey London skies. Xavier’s art is an electric bolt of life and energy. Every piece is EPIC and tells stories that are as old as time. Inspired by classical art & narratives of the Renaissance & Romantic Era, Xavier mixes themes of religion, surrealism and modern chaos to create his masterpieces. 

Sebastion Xavier
Sebastion Xavier

 Xavier told Nakid “I wanted to use beautiful and allegorical imagery to tell stories and to encapsulate some of the issues our world faces, I see art as a powerful tool to open people’s eyes to see the internal tensions that challenge us every day. It has been customary for society, and for art, to sublimate reality, to present its more favorable aspects”.

Xavier continues “I wanted this collection of work to be the opposite, yet still, somewhat adhere to the beauteous and glamourized façade that society presents itself with. Instead of portraying the victory of light over darkness, I wanted to give expression to mankind’s sense of insecurity and vulnerability in the modern world and to show how we are in a perennial juncture between the ugliness of truth and the beauty of deception, a permanent oxymoron.”

Sebastion Xavier
Sebastion Xavier

We hope that post-social distancing Londoners will be able to view Xavier’s work in person. It is currently available to view at Never Fade London, 58 Old Compton Street Soho between 14th March 2020 – 22nd March 2020.

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