lveMUSIC. | Bel Cobain – ‘Introverted Stoner’ Acoustic [@bel.cobain]

Bel Cobain launches the first acoustic performance on lveMUSIC. with a reworking of her 2018 track ‘Introverted Stoner’.

Bel Cobain is exactly the kind of artist lveMUSIC. was made for. Supremely talented but still on the come up, Bel‘s enrapturing soft vocal style is one that connects instantly. Add to this a clear affinity for making her lyrics relatable yet thoughtful and its a wonder how she’s so musically advanced at only 19. ‘Introverted Stoner’ is a track that kind of does what it says on the tin – it is in part about the introverted stoner but it is also a look into responses to trauma and how that trauma seeps into behaviours.

Alongside Bel‘s dulcet tones we get jkarri delivering a measured and calming interpretation on the guitar of the original production, which he was also responsible for.

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